Leadership & Volunteers

Group in Medical field

Senior Management

Eric Nystrom – President/CEO
Krissy Ecklund-Rochelle – VP, Operations
Beth McMahon – VP, Finance and Accounting
Kerri Campbell – VP, Lending and Business Development

Board of Directors

Fletcher Hope – Chairman
Diana Arnett – Vice Chairman
Susan Roland – Secretary
Eric Nystrom – Treasurer
Eileen Handberg – Member
Ken Hekking – Member
Wendy Rouse – Member

Supervisory Committee

Heather Anderson – Chair
Angel Roman – Member
Wendy Rouse – Member / Board liaison

A primary responsibility of the Supervisory Committee is to serve as a means of checks and balances at the Credit Union. We want to make sure you are happy with our products, services and staff at all times. We urge you to contact any member of the staff, management or Board with comments, questions and concerns you might have. The Supervisory Committee should be contacted if you have received an unsatisfactory resolution to your concern and would like further assistance.

Supervisory Committee Chairman
My Healthcare Federal Credit Union
5200 NW 43rd Street
Suite 102 #270
Gainesville, FL 32606

E-mail: scommittee@myhcfcu.org

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?

A team of fellow MyHCFCU members serve on volunteer positions within the credit union to help drive strategy and general direction, as well as ensure that the credit union policies and procedures are carried out faithfully, and that member assets are protected. The credit union continually encourages interested members to reach out to apply for a position, or learn more. Positions are available on the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee. Below you’ll find details on each of the positions.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee, please complete a Volunteer Application and return it to Beth McMahon, Board Application Coordinator. You may send via email to bmcmahon@myhcfcu.org (subject line should read “Volunteer Application”), or forward the completed application to:

Beth McMahon
Board Application Coordinator
My Healthcare FCU
4720 NW 39th AVE
Gainesville, FL 32606

Board of Directors

  • Serves 3-year terms
  • Sets policies for the credit union
  • Approves budgets
  • Directs strategic planning
  • Must be willing and able to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings (meetings in the evenings)
  • Time commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per month
  • Location: No geographic limitations

Supervisory Committee

  • Reappointed annually by the Board of Directors
  • Assures that the credit union’s financial records are in order
  • Assures internal controls are in place to protect the credit union’s assets
  • Time commitment: 1 hour per month. Typically meets by telephone or video conferencing.
  • Location: No geographic limitations.
Volunteer Application

FAQs Regarding Serving on Board of Directors

Q: What does a board Member do?

A: Board members are responsible for setting policies, approving budgets, and helping to direct strategic planning. They evaluate operations and maintain financial performance standards for the credit union. They are also responsible for appointing the Credit Union’s President/CEO, who reports directly to the Board. 

Q: How much will I be paid?

A: Board positions are voluntary and unpaid: however, expenses related to Board business are paid for by the Credit Union.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Board Member?

A: You’ll be a representative voice for your fellow members, and have a direct say in the overall direction of the Credit Union. You gain knowledge and experience about the running of a financial institution, strategic planning, and about the credit union movement.  Board members are also eligible to for training opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the credit union movement. It is a great way to become part of a unique organization that affects the financial lives of thousands of members. 

Q: Who can be a board member?

A: Candidates must be members in good standing with the Credit Union; be at least 21 years of age; be willing to agree to a credit check and be bondable through the credit union’s insurance company.

Q: What does it take to be a Board Member?

A: Candidates should possess the personal qualities that are needed to enable them to serve the Credit Union well. They should be honest, unselfish and act for the good of the Credit Union’s members. They should be interested in the Credit union and sufficiently generous to give their own time and skills to the affairs of the Credit Union.

Q: How long does each Board Member serve?

A: Terms are for three years. Board members typically devote a minimum of 2-3 hours per month to credit union business, including attending monthly Board of Director and on-going Committee meetings, either at our main branch in Gainesville, FL or remotely over the telephone or electronic meetings.  Additional time may be spent gathering information and training. Courses of study are available to Board members to help them learn more about the operation of a financial institution.

Q: What if I don’t meet the Board of Directors qualifications, are there other opportunities to volunteer?

A: If you’d like to volunteer, but don’t believe that the Board of Directors in the best match with your current experience, please consider applying for the MyHCFCU Supervisory Committee. This committee is appointed by the Board and is charged with making sure the Credit Union’s financial records are in order and that internal controls are in place to protect the assets of the credit union and its members. Most people who are appointed to the Supervisory Committee find it’s a great way to find out what volunteering at a credit union is all about while also making a meaningful contribution that helps all members.

Information about serving on the Supervisory Committee

My Healthcare Federal Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Credit Union’s Board of Directors and management establish practices and procedures to properly safeguard members’ assets. In addition, the Committee is responsible for the annual financial statement audit from a licensed, independent auditor.

In accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the Supervisory Committee is comprised of volunteer members and functions completely independently of Credit Union management. As an independent body, the Supervisory Committee also investigates members’ complaints not resolved to their satisfaction by management.

Why should you volunteer for the Supervisory Committee?

While different things motivate different people, some of the following reasons are often cited as the benefits of being a volunteer:

  1. Meaningful opportunity to contribute—to help others.
  2. Affiliation with others.
  3. Opportunity to contribute to members’ financial welfare.
  4. Increase planning, policy and management experience.
  5. Recognition by peers and employers.
  6. Training opportunities.
  7. Learning experience.