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Summer Credit Union Blood Drive Challenge

This summer, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers teamed up with local Credit Unions to create a challenge to see which Credit Union can collect the most donors. The stakes were high, with the Credit Union collecting the most blood winning bragging rights over all the others (and a trophy).

My Healthcare held a blood drive on Wednesday, July 14, to help maintain a safe blood supply this summer, and local CBS4 news was there to cover the event and highlight the needs as we enter a local blood shortage. View the coverage here.

47th Annual Meeting of the Members

Our 47th Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 29, at 5:30 pm via an online meeting. Three positions were open for the Board of Directors and were voted on by membership prior to the meeting.

Regulation CC – Expedited Funds Availability Schedule Changes

Change in Terms: Effective July 1, 2020 our Funds Availability Schedule changed to the following:

• If we place a hold on your deposit, the first $225.00 of your deposit will be available on the first business day after the date of your deposit;
• Longer delays may apply if you deposit checks totaling $5,525.00 on any one (1) day; and

For New Accounts, the first $5,525.00 of a day’s total deposits of cashier’s, certified, teller’s traveler’s and federal, state and local government checks will be available on the next business day after the day of your deposit if the deposit meets certain conditions. The excess over $5,525.00 will be available on the ninth business day after the day of your deposit. If your deposit of these checks (other than a U.S. Treasury check) is not made in person to one of our employees, the first $5,525.00 will not be available until the second business day after the day of your deposit

My Healthcare FCU recently donated $2500 to the HCA Hope Fund.

2500 dollar Hope Fund donation by MyHealthcar FCU

We love supporting our local medical community and the wonderful causes they serve!

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Program Overview

Volunteer Positions Available

Board of Directors

My Healthcare Federal Credit Union is overseen by a Board that is accountable for the general direction and control of the credit union. 

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is appointed to ensure that the credit union policies and procedures are carried out faithfully, and that member assets are protected.  The Supervisory Committee, as appointed members, act in an internal oversight auditing capacity for our members. Currently, there is one position available.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee, please complete a Volunteer Application and return it to Beth McMahon, Board Application Coordinator. Please forward the completed application to:

Beth McMahon
Board Application Coordinator
My Healthcare FCU
4720 NW 39th AVE
Gainesville, FL 32606

You may also submit your request via e-mail to bmcmahon@myhcfcu.org.  If emailed, subject line should read “Volunteer Application” and the completed form attached.


Refer a Friend and both receive 25 dollars!

Refer-a-Friend Program Overview:

Refer a Friend and you will both will receive a $25 credit to your accounts

Members have an opportunity to receive a $25 credit to their savings account by referring a medical colleague or immediate family member to the credit union to open a new active membership. Both the current member and the newly referred member may receive a $25 credit to their savings account.

Referral Steps – It’s As Easy As……

  1. Refer a medical colleague or immediate family member to the credit union
  2. Have them bring us the completed referral card
  3. We will create their NEW active membership
  4. Once the member actively uses their account for 90 days, both you and the referred friend will receive a FREE $25 credit to your accounts!

Ways to Obtain Refer-a-Friend Cards:

  1. Stop into your local MyHCFCU branch to pick up as many cards as you need!
  2. Click here and print a copy of the card in PDF format.
  3. Visit our Facebook page and select the photo of the Refer-a-Friend Card located within our Timeline Photos Album. Print a copy of JPEG image.
    **Hand the cards and/or printed copies to your co-workers and family members, and watch the savings add up! **


  • Only new memberships are eligible. Regardless of the number of accounts opened under the new membership, the new member will only receive $25.
  • The referring member must be a member in good standing to receive the $25 credit. The new member is eligible to receive $25 regardless of the referring member’s status.
  • The new member may receive the $25 credit one time, but then are eligible to receive an additional $25 for each new member they refer.
  • New memberships must remain open a minimum of 90 days. New memberships must be an active account, i.e. have consistent direct deposit, actively using debit card, loan payments, etc. The credit union reserves the right to review and determine if the new membership qualifies as an active account.
  • A $25 credit will be posted to the savings account of the referring member and the new member once the minimum 90 day period has been met.
  • Credits earned will be included on the member’s annual 1099-INT for IRS reporting.
  • Employees and volunteers of the credit union are ineligible to receive the $25 credit. Referrals of new members as part of ongoing SEG new employee onboarding orientations are also ineligible.

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